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Utilizing The Design Process


Engaging in close collaboration with open communication is important to transform your ideas into intricate design specifications that will be competitive in your market.


Mockup and wireframe interfaces are designed to demonstrate content structure and web assets using intuitive UI methods and simple interactions for your audience.


Digital environments are crafted using HTML(5), CSS(3), JavaScript, AJAX & PHP. Frameworks like WordPress & Bootstrap are utilized to ensure high quality performance.


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Career Development

  • Timeline1

    August-December 2015

    A Humble Digital Beginning

    As a young marketing student I attended a business development workshop and there I met Matt & Pam Weber, President & VP of ROAR! Internet Marketing. Not long after that workshop I started an Internship at ROAR!. After learning more about digital media, developing websites, and having a very tech focused upbringing, it became clear that I was destined for a career in digital media.

  • Timeline2

    August 2016-2017

    A Designer is Born

    As a Digital Media student I began focusing on the design and development of WordPress websites and digital assets for the company, Vital Mantra. Vital Mantra gave me the opportunity to serve small businesses such as cleaning services, plumbers, electricians, and construction services all over the United States.

  • Timeline3

    January-April 2018

    Research for the Golden Knights

    At the University of Central Florida I had the privilege of working close with a professor to conduct research. Our main focus involved data scraping methods using PHP, Google Chrome Extensions, and a technical art piece that was prepared to be submitted to the IRB. This experience with UCF helped further refine my software development and designer expertise.

  • Timeline4

    January 2018

    My Continuous Digital Journey

    By 2018, my senior year at the UCF, I acquired my first freelance client. This allowed me to gain more real world work experience, except this time everything was on me. I experienced many successes and failures and gained even more in-depth knowledge of what it means to put a business on the web. Every day is an opportunity to learn and grow to create an even better experience for my clients.

  • Timeline3

    April 2019-Current

    Web Developer At Boost Creative

    I'm currently working in the web department as a Junior Web Developer for the creative studio Boost Creative. Everyday I have hands on experience building new features and functionality for well known businesses in the Fort Myers area. At Boost I’ve been able to further refine my creativity, technical and problem solving skills while working with an outstanding team.

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